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Mujer australiana de 39 años se subió al ring de boxeo hasta el último día de su embarazo
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Una mujer que practicó boxeo por más de cuatro horas diarias durante todo su embarazo, asegura que este ejercicio no sólo no causó ningún efecto negativo sino que, por el contrario, le facilitó mantener su peso y además la ayudó con las desagradables nauseas propias de este estado.

Vicky Sim, de 39 años (aunque no se le notan), combinó el ejercicio con comida sana (principalmente orgánica, vegetales crudos y todo en horarios fijos) y hasta los últimos días lució su tonificado abdomen entrenando en el gimnasio en Melbourne, Australia, del cual es dueña junto a su pareja.

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“Hubiese sido extremadamente difícil para mí dejar de hacer ejercicio durante mi embarazo, pero afortunadamente no había ningún motivo o contraindicación que me lo impidiera, así que seguí boxeando hasta los últimos días. El ejercicio en el embarazo es altamente recomendado. El fitness y la vida sana son parte esencial de mi mundo, me encanta cómo te hace sentir el ejercicio. No te pueden golpear cuando estás entrenando en un ring, obviamente no hubiese hecho nada que le hiciera daño a mi bebé, pero esto no es combate, es entrenamiento, duro, pero sin recibir golpes”, afirma Vicky.

“Cuando estás embarazada hay tantas restricciones y cambios físicos y emocionales que puede ser difícil ajustarse, pero el ejercicio me ayudó a sentirme bien, aunque puede que en otra mujer no tenga el mismo efecto. No es bueno escuchar la opinión de otros, sólo haz caso a tu consciencia y a tu doctor”, agrega la tonificada madre australiana.

Thank you all for the lovely comments last couple of days and congratulations to all the new mothers to be! Looking forward to hearing your stories. So just wanted to continue on from yesterday about exercising whilst pregnant. For me, getting up and moving actually makes me feel better. In fact when I’m nauseous, exercising stops the nausea, so it’s kind of a release, plus a bonus since I love exercising. I have now reduced my training to 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, plus I go for a walk once a week. I used to exercise 45 minutes – 1 hour most days. I still box – not competitive, just classes and with a trainer. I still use weights, however they are lighter. My schedule now: – 3 days boxing – 2 days all over body weight training – I mix it up using kettle bells, free weights, medicine balls, body weight exercises, machines, whatever I feel like at the time. – 1 day walk. Now before I continue, I would just like to point out that this is my journey. Everybody is different and everyone’s circumstances are different. What is good for me, may not be good for you. Always make sure you check with your obstetrician. I have not made any decisions without checking with my obstetrician and without doing my homework especially since this is my first pregnancy and is all very new to me. Exercising during pregnancy is actually highly recommended. It is recommended that you do half an hour of exercise a day. The intensity all depends on what you are used to and what you have been doing prior to pregnancy. If you have already trained, then you can continue training at a similar level. If you never trained before then you need to check with your doctor what exercises are safe for you and your baby. The most important thing my obstetrician told me was to monitor my heart rate and ensure it is not raised too high, not to overheat my body, and to watch my back if using weights – hence why I reduced my training and stopped lifting heavy. So for me, half an hour is perfect. It keeps me feeling fit, healthy and happy. My body will stay strong for child birth and it will assist with recovery and getting back into shape after child birth.

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Según consignó el medio inglés Mirror, Vicky sólo desarrolló una guatita visible cuando entró en el séptimo mes de su embarazo y sólo subió 11 kilos en total.

So now that my secret is out, I can share my journey with you all. Here is my baby bump progress so far. The first thing I started to notice was the definition in my stomach was gone, my tummy has grown a little and my boobs went up an entire size pretty much immediately 😳. I have put on 1.5 kg’s in the first trimester and I have gone up one size in some clothes (mostly anything that was skin tight). I actually cannot wait for my tummy to grow, I want a proper BABY BUMP! My baby is now 3 inches long. I have had two ultrasounds so far and the last one was the cutest. My little babies arms and legs were going crazy, kicking and punching away (so damn cute). Taken after its father already, who btw is a boxer 👊🏽 The 1st trimester so far, I have to say, I haven’t felt that great. I have had nausea most days, all day. The best way to describe it is I feel like I’m hungover all the time, but I don’t have any fun stories from the night before 😂👎🏽 My energy levels have dropped drastically, I get really tired by early afternoon. I have been having “nana naps” most days. That was all a bit of a shock and a huge adaption for me as I normally have so much energy. I have generally slowed down all over, however I’m not one to lie on a couch all day. I just can’t do it! I feel that getting up and moving makes me feel better and I know it’s good for me, so that’s what I do. My training is not the same as it used to be. Tomorrow, I’ll post my experience on training whilst pregnant. I’m now in my 2nd trimester, apparently this is the best one, so let’s see.. I would love to hear from pregnant women or mums or anyone that wants to use this as a platform to share. Sending love ❤️❤️❤️

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Time to take you into the ring little guy and show you how to be a real man 👊🏽👊🏽 Haha juuuuust kidding… There is so much you get told about what pregnancy is like, well I did! You get really sick; you put on so much weight; you get cravings; you can’t stop eating; you’re super tired; you can’t exercise; you get stretch marks; you can’t, you can’t, you can’t!! It’s just so negative! Although for some this is very true, for others it can be the exact opposite. You don’t always feel sick, some people not at all, some people only for the first 3 months; you don’t have to put on more than the recommended weight if you take care of yourself and eat healthy; you can exercise in fact you should; for some you don’t have any cravings at all; you don’t get moody; your life doesn’t have to completely change (except the booooze) So, I just want to put it out there, everybody is different and everyone’s pregnancy is different, and whatever your experience is, that’s absolutely ok. I’m a strong believer that if you have a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy attitude, you give yourself the best chance of having a more positive pregnancy 🤰 #27weeksregnant #12weeksleft #itsaboy #pregnant #fitandpregnant #fitpregnancy #babybump #bump #boxing #girlsthatbox #boxingfit #boxingfitportmelbourne #bikinibody

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“Lo cierto es que a veces no tienes ganas de hacer ejercicio, embarazada o no, pero sólo tienes que empujar a través de esos días y no darte por vencida, porque siempre te sientes mejor después de hacer algún tipo de ejercicio. Se dicen muchas cosas acerca de cómo es el embarazo y aunque para algunas puedan resultar ciertas, para otras, puede ser exactamente lo contrario. Creo firmemente en que si tienes una mente sana, un cuerpo sano y una actitud sana, tendrás la más alta posibilidad de tener un embarazo positivo. Creo que soy un ejemplo de aquello”, concluye la guapa deportista.

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