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Bloguera triunfa en Instagram tras superar anorexia: busca ayudar a otros jóvenes

Bloguera triunfa en Instagram tras superar anorexia: busca ayudar a otros jóvenes
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Megan Jayne Crabbe | Instagram

Un giro radical en su vida dio la bloguera Megan Jayne Crabbe. La joven, que tiene más de un millón de seguidores en Instagram, tuvo una adolescencia difícil, debido a que fue diagnosticada con anorexia nerviosa cuando tenía 13 años.

Acudió a muchos médicos para poder salir de la enfermedad, hasta que lo logró. Sin embargo, a los 15 años volvió a recaer, pesando solo 29 kilos. “Mentalmente no estaba curada (…) entré en un ciclo de hacer ejercicio, no comer, atracones, engordar y perder peso”, sostuvo la joven según consignó La Vanguarda.

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La bloguera declara que el problema se produjo cuando ella era pequeña y se dio cuenta que era más gordita que sus compañeras.

Afortunadamente, y tras mucho esfuerzo, Crabbe logró vencer a la enfermedad y mirar la vida de otro modo. Ahora su misión es dar a conocer su experiencia y promover el amor propio, con el fin de ayudar a otras personas que estén pasando lo mismo por lo que vivió ella.

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AD| I realised that whenever we see women leaning over to moisturise their legs in ads, there’s never a belly roll in sight (seriously where do they bend from?!). So hi, allow me to change that 😉 I’ve been excitedly waiting for @thebodyshop to tell me something mango was coming my way for a while – mango is kind of my signature scent 🥭🥭 and this body yogurt did not disappoint. Delightfully fruity, super fast absorbing, and as always 100% cruelty free! The mango seed oil is also Community Trade and sustainably sourced from women’s cooperatives in India 🤗 Smelling tropical and embracing our softness is 100% the vibe this summer 💜💙💚🌈☀️#mybodyyogurt [image description: Megan is sat on her bed, wearing bright purple underwear and leaning over to moisturise her leg. She’s smiling into the camera]

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A través de su cuenta de Instagram, Megan ha mostrado el antes y después de su enfermedad, recibiendo inusuales comentarios de que estaba “peor ahora”. Por lo mismo, decidió escribir un libro, Body Positive donde habla de los trastornos de la alimentación.

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Someone asked me last week whether I ever miss dieting. And don’t get me wrong, I could list so many things that I DON’T miss – the hunger, the counting, the putting life on hold until you hit the goal weight – but if I’m honest, there’s something I do miss. • I miss being so sure that I had the answer to happiness. The one-step cure-all solution to making everything okay. A belief strong enough to build my world around: that making my body smaller would make all the other things fall into place. • Because that’s what diet culture is really selling us: the promise that it’ll all be perfect once we hit the other side of the before and after. We’ll be the version of ourselves we were born to be! All we have to do is follow the plan. The one-step cure-all solution to life. • I miss how having that kind of hope and simplicity felt. But that doesn’t mean I’ll ever go back. Because I don’t miss how it felt when it never came true. When I played by the rules and my life didn’t magically fall into place. When I hit the goal weight and realised everything wasn’t perfect, and I still didn’t feel like my body was either. • The truth is that there is no one-step cure-all solution. There never was. Only an illusion. Of course it feels easier to distil your whole world into a goal body than to actually live in all of its messy, unpredictable, complicated and so far from perfect reality. But if we choose to go back to easy and simple rather than navigate complicated and messy, we will hunger for more our whole lives. • So no, I don’t miss dieting. Sometimes I miss the illusion of life being simple that dieting gave me. But I know deep down that I’ve traded simplicity for so much more, and remembering that makes it easier to stop looking back. Plus I can eat ice-cream whenever I want. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 •P.s. this caption is part of my latest column for @theunedit, swipe up in my stories for the rest 🌸 [Image: a picture of Megan when she was thinner next to one of her now in a bikini with text that reads “Me believing that weight loss would solve everything Vs Me knowing that happiness isn’t as simple as a number but trying my hardest to figure it out”] #bodypositive

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Además, menciona la cultura de las dietas y cómo a través del marketing, la televisión y la publicidad se distorsiona el cuerpo humano, por lo que hace un llamado a aceptar nuestros cuerpos y no guiarnos por estereotipos.

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Hello my loves 💜 I’ve been wanting to explain why I’ve been so absent on here lately, and it’s taken a minute to figure out how much I want to say & how. The short answer is that I’ve had some growing to do, and I needed to do it in a space without any expectations of who I should be or how I should feel. The internet isn’t always the best place for that, it can be very spikey when you’re feeling very soft. The long answer is that my relationship ended earlier this year. So I’ve been doing all of the things that come with that: being angry, being in denial, being heartbroken, breaking, rebuilding, hurting, processing, sinking deeper into the other beautiful relationships in my life, becoming someone who feels new, but who also feels more like me than I’ve ever felt. Part of me wanted to share every step with all of you because sharing here is so much of how I’ve healed in the past, but when you have another human to consider (a human who I still care for and respect very much), it felt like the more considerate thing to do it privately. I think I’m telling you now because it feels inauthentic to go forwards without introducing you to this new version of myself. My brother called her Megan 2.0 😅 she’s louder, she laughs more, she knows now that she can survive things she always thought would break her. She truly knows her worth and she’s more fiercely in love with herself than she ever thought possible. I’m excited to step into her more fully every day, and I’m so grateful for all the people whose support has helped her come to be, including yours. So here’s to growth, ugly, painful, scary, beautiful growth. I’m ready. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 • [Image description: Megan is kneeling on a beach in Cape Verde, the sky is blue and there’s a wave crashing behind her, she’s wearing a pink swimsuit and looking peacefully into the camera] #bodypositive #mentalhealthawareness #edrecovery #bodyconfidence

Una publicación compartida de Megan Jayne Crabbe 🐼 (@bodyposipanda) el

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